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from Chalo South Africa

You don't need any dive certification or know swimming to get into the cage to see these awesome Great White Sharks. Even if you don't fancy getting into the cage, the surface viewing is just as overwhelming!

Experience the thrill of Shark Cage diving in South Africa

Even in your wildest dreams, the possibility of being within centimeters of one of the most powerful and dangerous predator of the ocean, is enough to send chills down anyone's spine! Cage diving with great white sharks can help materialize this fantasy of adventure lovers to some extent. South Africa is one of the few places which offer this unique opportunity of diving with great white sharks along with ensuring safety of the divers as well.

Apart from being the best wildlife Safari destination in Africa, South Africa is also home to around 100 different shark species. The South African waters since long have been a safe haven for all of these species, but the most famous of them is the great white sharks. In fact, it is here, that these oceanic predators were declared a protected species for the first time in the world. Because of this preservation policy, this country has become the best place to spot these mammoth creatures without much effort and as a result, water Adventures in South Africa have reached the zenith of popularity.

Contrary to popular belief these predators are not mindless hunters and they seldom attack human beings without being provoked. Nevertheless, the thrill of witnessing one right next to you is unmatched. In case you are not prepared to go cage diving with great white sharks, you can enjoy the surface viewing as well. Great white sharks are quite active on the surface as well, making the view from above equally awe-inspiring.

If you are wondering, where you can go Cage Diving with Great White Sharks, Gansbaai in South Africa is your answer. The famous Great White Shark Capital, Gansbaai, is just at a two hour drive from the city of Cape Town. A boat ride from there, of approximately 20 minutes takes you to “Shark Alley”, which is the greatest place for shark spotting.

Shark cage diving depends a lot on the weather. If the weather conditions are appropriate, this activity is available to be enjoyed all through the year. Witnessing these dangerous yet magnificent creatures swimming along freely into the deep blue ocean is a spectacular vision indeed, one that you will make your holidays in South Africa an unforgettable one.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
Whats included in this tour Items that are covered in the cost of tour price.
  • Return transfer from your hotel in Cape Town
  • Light Breakfast
  • Cage Dive
  • Boat Ride
  • Light Lunch upon return
  • Learn about the sharks in their natural habitat from an onboard marine biologist and expert guides
  • All dive gear including mask and wetsuits
  • Drinks & Snacks on board the boat
Whats not included in this tour Items that are covered in the cost of tour price.
  • A DVD of the day's activities will be available for purchase.
  • Will be available for purchase. Any optionals not mentioned in the inclusions
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