Charming Cape Town Adventure
Its not known as the mother city of South Africa for nothing!

Cape Town spreads out along a gorgeous coastline, with quaint little suburbs that take your heart away, and the iconic Table Mountain in the background to add charm to the experience of your Cape Town Adventure.

There is so much to do in and around Cape Town that it would leave you completely spoilt for choice.

Cape Town, has a cool chilled out vibe that makes you be yourself ! The V&A waterfront is easily the highlight of the city with buzzing options for entertainment and dining. The Table Mountain tour offers spectacular views and you will get to witness the Dassie, a cute African Rodent, which is found amongst rocky terrains. Another highlight which is not for the faint hearted is Abseiling on the Table Mountain! One spectacular sport bound to take your breath away! You need to keep an easy half day for the table mountain tour, the views are something you will never have enough of. Another surprise is Boulders Beach, near Simon’s Town, a penguin colony that will simply make you go “Awww” for sure. An adorable sight, that will leave you with a fuzzy feeling in your heart for sure.

The Cape Peninsula - Cape of good hope, The most south western point of the African continent! Need I say more... the views will leave you gasping for more! You can easily self drive around this route or opt for a guided tour as per your preference. If you are on a self drive option, you can also take the road back from Hout Bay with a little diversion, trust me the drive is worth every penny!!! Eye catching views will make you take plenty of photo stops cos you just won’t be happy with one picture J.

If you are a foodie, you’re going to love this town more than ever & your Cape Town Adventure is incomplete without some exceptional cuisines to try from this spectacular city. Especially if sea food is what you love, you probably would never want to leave this place. It’s paradise for food lovers, the world’s best cuisines, and freshest produce is what you will find here, Farmers Markets, fresh food, bright colors, you can expect all this and more. I wouldn’t be surprised if gluttony takes over your sane self!

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