Vivacious South African Art & Culture Tour Packages

A big part of what makes South Africa special is its diverse culture and traditions. And a country with so much of diversity is bound to have a distinctive, rich and interesting heritage of Arts & Culture. South Africa has a history of unique and distinctive art style. In fact the oldest art objects of the World were discovered here in the South African caves. A tour encompassing the South African Art & culture, is surely the best way to have the most unique holiday experience.

South Africa’s cultural beauty lies in its ethnic and cultural traditions which still survives in the rural inhabitants of the country. Although it is becoming extensively urbanized now, but South Africa still has a considerable number of rural inhabitants, and it is in them that the traditional South African art & culture continues.

To give the visitors a glimpse into the rich South African culture & heritage, "cultural villages" have been set up in the country. In these cultural villages you can see people from various tribes living the way their ancestors used to live in early days. To make the best of your cultural trip in South Africa, you can start with a tour to the various cultural and world heritage sites here. The Cradle of Humankind is among the most famous world heritage sites in the world. To get an insight into the roots of the most famous president and leader of South Africa, you can visit the village where he grew up and take a tour over the Nelson Mandela Museum.

There is a plethora of options available to explore the country’s rich art & culture, you can spend a day in a Zulu village, visit a Sangoma- the mystical healers or indulge in African Dance and music. You will never run out of options here to make your holidays in South Africa full of zest. Whether it is the famous Gumboot dancing of South Africa or the prehistoric cave paintings of the Khoisan tribe, the history and culture of the country is as unique as its traditional beadwork where each pattern and color reflects its own relevance. Trust us once you have been to this country, you will carry a part of it in your heart forever. Explore the vivid and vivacious South African art & culture with our special South African tour packages.

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